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Enchanted Items of the Endless Blue

Some items fit the seas of Elqua perfectly, while others would be anachronistic at best.  Items such as books and elixirs would never survive the ravages of constant immersion in saltwater.  Others, such as the decanter of endless water, make no sense where water is plentiful.

Nautiluses & Aegises

The following Special Abilities are suitable for the Endless Blue campaign setting:

Acid Resistance
Acid Resistance (Improved)
Acid Resistance (Greater)
Bashing — Aegis only.
Cold Resistance
Cold Resistance (Improved)
Cold Resistance (Greater)
Electricity Resistance
Electricity Resistance (Improved)
Electricity Resistance (Greater)
Fire Resistance — Becomes Heat Resistance
Fire Resistance (Improved) — Becomes Heat Resistance (Improved)
Fire Resistance (Greater) — Becomes Heat Resistance (Greater)
Ghost Touch
Shadow (Improved)
Shadow (Greater)
Silent Moves
Silent Moves (Improved)
Silent Moves (Greater)
Slick (Improved)
Slick (Greater)
Sonic Resistance
Sonic Resistance (Improved)
Sonic Resistance (Greater)
Spell Resistance
Undead Controlling

The following Special Abilities for Nautiluses or Aegises are not suitable for the setting:

Arrow Catching
Arrow Deflection

The following specific armors exist, but the style of armor will be one compliant with the Endless Blue setting:

Banded Mail of Luck
Breastplate of Command
Full Plate of Speed

The following specific armors do not exist:

Celestial Armor
Demon Armor
Dragonhide Plate
— Possibly may exist, composed of the treated remains of a Kraken, but most like myth or at best a single item.
Plate Armor of the Deep — In a setting where everything breathes underwater, the usefulness of this nautilus is reduced.

The following specific aegises exist:

Caster’s Shield
Lion’s  Shield —  Replace the image of a Lion with that of a Shark.
Spined Shield

The following specific aegises do not exists:

Absorbing Shield
Winged Shield


The following Special Abilities are suitable for the Endless Blue campaign setting:

Brilliant Energy
Flaming — Renamed Boiling, it sheathes the unques in boiling water and deals heat damage.
Flaming Burst — Renamed Boiling Burst, it explodes with a burst of boiling water, causing additional heat damage.
Ghost Touch
Icy Burst
Ki Focus
Mighty Cleaving
Shock — Exists, but rarely used due to water’s natural tendency to conduct electricity in unforeseeabledirections.
Shocking Burst — Exists, but rarely used due to water’s natural tendency to conduct electricity in unforeseeable directions.
Spell Storing

The following Special Abilities for Ungues are considered unsuitable for the setting:


The following specific ungues exist, but as setting appropriate weapons:

Assassin’s Dagger
Dagger of Venom
Flame Tongue — See Flaming above.  Causes heat damage.
Frost Brand
Holy Avenger
Life Drinker
Luck Blade
Mace of Smiting
Nine Lives Stealer
Rapier of Puncturing — Can damage some creatures’ ability to maintain their buoyancy.
Shatterspike — Of particular use the rebellion against the Kraken Empire, whose tentacles can be sundered.
Sun Blade
Sword of Life Stealing
Sword of the Planes — Does not posses the +4 ability.
Sword of Subtlety
Trident of Fish Command
Trident of Warning

The following specific ungues do not exist:

Dwarven Thrower
Mace of Terror
— The ability is inconsistent with the purposes of a weapon.
Screaming Bolt
Slaying Arrow
Sleep Arrow
Sylvan Scimitar


The following Rings are suitable for the Endless Blue campaign setting:

Animal Friendship
Chameleon Power — Called Ceph Stealth, but otherwise identical.
Elemental Command — Water elementals only.
Energy Resistance
Feather Falling — Called Buoyancy, it activates as per the original item any time the wearer’s buoyancy changes from neutral.
Force Shield
Freedom of Movement
Friend Shield
Mind Shielding
Ram — Renamed Porpoise, but otherwise the same.
Spell Storing (Minor)
Spell Storing
Spell Storing (Major)
Spell Turning
Three Wishes
X-Ray Vision

The following Rings are deemed not suitable for the setting:

Climbing (Improved)
Djinni Calling
Elemental Command
— Anything other than water elementals.
Jumping (Improved)
Shooting Stars
Swimming (Improved)
Water Walking


The following Rods are suitable for the Endless Blue campaign setting:

Lordly Might
Metal and Mineral Detection
Python — Becomes a sea snake, otherwise same as original item.

The following Rods are seen as unsuitable for the setting:

Enemy Detection
Flame Extinguishing
Thunder and Lightning


The following Staves are suitable for the Endless Blue campaign setting:

Conjuration — No unseen servant ability.
Fire — Produces heat damage equivalents.
Size Alteration
Swarming Insects — Summons aquatic vermin.
Transmutation — No baleful polymorph ability
Woodlands — Called Coral Reef

The following Staves do not exist in the Endless Blue setting:

Earth and Stone

Wondrous Items

The following Wondrous Items are suitable for the Endless Blue campaign setting:

Amulet of Health
Amulet of Mighty Fists
Amulet of Natural Armor
Amulet of Proof against Detection and Location
Bag of Tricks — The ball inside feels slick to the touch, like fish scales.
Bead of Force
Belt (Monk’s)
Belt of Giant Strength — Called Belt of Behemoth’s Strength
Boots of Elvenkind — Called Flippers of Silence
Boots of Speed — Called Flippers of Speed
Boots of Teleportation — Called Flippers of Teleportation
Bowl of Commanding Water Elementals — Reverse the effects for salt and fresh water.
Bracelet of Fiends
Bracers of Armor
Brooch of Shielding
Cape of the Mountebank
Chaos Diamond
Chime of Interruption
Chime of Opening
Circlet of Blasting (Minor)
Circlet of Blasting (Major)
Circlet of Persuasionz
Cloak of Charisma
Cloak of Displacement (Minor)
Cloak of Displacement (Major)
Cloak of Elvenkind — Called Cloak of Silence
Cloak of the Manta Ray
Crystal Ball — Rare items, made from the eyeballs of Kraken
Cube of Frost Resistence
Darkskull — Size of skzull determines the size of unhallowness.
Drums of Panic
Dust of Dryness — An alchemical capsule that when broken removes all water from an area.  Usually employed in small, sealed containers to extract elements and compounds for alchemy.
Dust of Tracelessness —  Another alchemical concoction that blocks currentsense when released into the current.
Elemental Gem — Water elemental only.
Eyes of Charming
Eyes of Doom
Eyes of the Eagle — Called Eyes of the Flounder
Eyes of Petrification — Effect turns victim into coral, but otherwise exactly as original item.
Figurines of Wondrous Power — All figurines are of aquatic species.
Gauntlets of Orcan Power
Gem of Brightness
Gem of Seeing
Gloves of Dexterity
Goggles of Minute Seeing
Goggles of Night
Hand of Glory — Must be the hand of a Mer.
Hand of the Mage — Must be the hand of a Chelon.
Harp of Charming
Hat of Disguise — Called Headband of Disguise
Headband of Intellect
Helm of Brilliance
Helm of Comprehend Languages and Read Magic
Helm of Telepathy
Helm of Teleportation
Horn of Blasting
Horn of Blasting (Greater)
Horn of Fog — Creates a cloudy current, but otherwise exactly as original item.
Horn of Goodness/Evil
Horn of Valhalla — Called Horn of Narwahl, summons barbaric Narwahl Orcans
Horseshoes of Speed — Just as Flippers of Speed.
Lens of Detection
Lyre of Building
Mantle of Faith
Mantle of Spell Resistance
Mask of the Skull
Medallion of Thoughts
Mirror of Life Trapping
Mirror of Mental Prowess
Mirror of Opposition
Necklace of Fireballs — Creates boiling equivalents.
Pearl of Power
Periapt of Health
Periapt of Proof against Poison
Periapt of Wisdom
Periapt of Wound Clousure — Very useful to help prevent stalking by creatures with bloodscent.
Plylactery of Faithfulness
Plylactery of Undead Turning
Pipes of Haunting
Pipes of Pain
Pipes of the Sewers — Summons aquatic vermin, but otherwise exactly like original item.
Pipes of Sounding
Robe of Blending
Robe of Bones
Robe of Eyes
Robe of Scintillating Colors — Becomes less effective the deeper under water you go.
Rope of Entanglement
Salve of Slipperiness — An alchemical salve
Scabbard of Keen Edges
Scarab of Protection
Sovereign Glue
Stone of Alarm
Stone of Good Luck
Stone Salve — Works on coral petrified creature.
Strand of Prayer Beads
Unguent of Timelessness
Universal Solvent
Vest of Escape
Vestment (Druid’s)

The following Wondrous Items are unusable in the Endless Blue setting:

Amulet of the Planes
Apparatus of Kwalish
— This amazing device is a major artifact.
Bag of Holding
Belt of Dwarvenkind
Boat (Folding)
Boccob’s Blessed Bookz
Boots of Levitation
Boots of Striding and Springing
Boots of the Winterlands
Boots (Winged)
Bottle of Air
Bracers of Archery
Brazier of Commanding Fire Elementals
Broom of Flying
Candle of Invocation
Candle of Truth
Carpet of Flying
Censer of Controlling Air Elementals
Cloak of Aracnida
Cloak of the Bat
Cloak of Etherealness
Cloak of the Manta Ray
Cubic Gate
Daern’s Instant Fortress
Decanter of Endless Water
— Mythical artifact that is said to be the source of all water.
Deck of Illusions
Dimensional Shackles
Dust of Appearance
Dust of Disappearance
Dust of Illusion
Efreeti Bottle
Elemental Gem
— Except for Water elemental.
Elixir of Fire Breath
Elixir of Hiding
Elixir of Love
Elixir of Sneaking
Elixir of Swimming
Elixir of Truth
Elixir of Vision
Eversmoking Bottle
Gauntlet of Rust
Gloves of Arrow Snaring
Glove of Storing
Gloves of Swimming and Climbing
Golem Manual
Helm of Underwater Action
Heward’s Handy Haversack
Horn of the Tritons
— This fabled horn is a major artifact.
Horseshoes of the Zephyr
Incense of Meditation
Ioun Stones
Iron Bands of Bilarro
Iron Flask
Keoghtom’s Ointment
Lantern of Revealing
Manual of Bodily Health
Manual of Gainful Exercise
Manual of Quickness of Action
Mattock of the Titans
Maul of the Titans
Murlynd’s Spoon
Necklace of Adaption
Nolzur’s Marvelous Pigments
Orb of Storms
Pearl of the Sirines
Portable Hole
Quaal’s Feather Token
Quiver of Ehlonna
Ring Gates
Robe of Stars
Rope of Climbing
Scarab (Golembane)
Shrouds of Disintegration
Slippers of Spider Climbing
Stone of Controlling Earth Elementals
Stone Horse
Tome of Clear Thought
Tome of Leadership and Influence
Tome of Understanding
Well of Many Worlds
Wind Fan
Wings of Flying

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