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Endless Blue – Week 80 – Nautilus   Leave a comment



This is one of the earliest images I envisioned for the Endless Blue setting: a Roman-style nautilus helmet.

Nautilus Helmet

Nautilus Helmet

Piscean aesthetics favor the natural coloration of a material, and artisans compliment that rather than obscure it with pigments or plating.

Endless Blue – Week 59 – Dreadnoughts of the Kraken   1 comment


Dreadnoughts of the Kraken

The incursion of the united Kraken species was overwhelmingly brutal.  Inhuman in their savagery, the massive squid crashed over the homeseas of the Known World like a tsunami.  Smashing settlements and reefs with indiscriminate ease, they were like an encroaching storm, unstoppable, spewing out from the Maw, effectively blotting out the light from above and eclipsing the oceans of Elqua in a languishing darkness.

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Endless Blue – Week 38 – Enchanted Items of the Endless Blue   Leave a comment


Enchanted Items of the Endless Blue

Some items fit the seas of Elqua perfectly, while others would be anachronistic at best.  Items such as books and elixirs would never survive the ravages of constant immersion in saltwater.  Others, such as the decanter of endless water, make no sense where water is plentiful.

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Endless Blue – Week 19 – Nautilus and Aegis   1 comment


Of Nautiluses and Aegises

Life has devised myriad methods to aid the never-ending burden of survival on the world of Endless Blue.  Perhaps the most prolific adaption has been the development of thickened skin or chitin into armor.  Right behind that, chasing like a predator keyed in on its prey, is the adaption of lengthened keratin and dentin into weapons.  This tit-for-tat dance of evolutionary one-upmanship is primal in the primitive quest to stay alive, and the intelligent races of Elqua have heightened their competition with the application of  advanced tools and technological innovation.

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