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Endless Blue – Week 90.6 – Jetsam: Home of the Gods   Leave a comment

Cosmology Home of the Gods The Gods of Elqua are unique in that their realm is the very waters around their worshipers.  There is no equivalent to a Mount Olympus off of some abyssal trench or a perfect realm nestled in another dimension.  The gods of the Pantheon are found in the very waters of […]

Endless Blue – Week 52 – Elsewhere: The Anathematic Ethereal Shadow   1 comment

Cosmology Elsewhere — The Anathematic Ethereal Shadow Elqua is remote, practically isolated from the metaverse of  cosmological ethos.  Not just a pale blue dot floating silently in the cosmos of stellar eternity, but a shunned pariah in the growing complexity of the multiverse.  Such abstract sophist concepts as portals to other dimension or astral travel […]

Endless Blue – Week 23 – The Vastness   6 comments

Aerology The Vastness The oceans of Elqua cocoon the world in a thick, cool embrace that nurtures a complexity of life unparalleled.  The majority of the intelligent races are content to swim in their mostly borderless world, encapsulated in their blue underwater haven.  But there are few — those with inquisitive minds and more daring […]

Endless Blue – Week 02 – Bigger Blue Marble   3 comments

Cosmology The Bigger Blue Marble The world of Elqua is a world of endless cerulean, truly a big blue marble in space. Nearly all ocean, its surface is almost utterly swallowed up with a single massive, liquid, living ecosphere in the form of a vast ocean that wraps around the planet. Placid and pristine tides […]