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Endless Blue – Week 36.5 – The Icht: The True First Ones   4 comments


The Icht:  The True First Ones

Common wisdom tells that the Orcans are the oldest race, that their precursors, the Cetacean Barbarians, rose up first and formed the basis of society while the other races still swam mindlessly in schools.  But there is evidence to challenge this notion — scant, dispersed, and teasing — that there existed intelligence, fully formed and functional, when the pods of Cetaceans began their unification.  These rumors, forgotten memories of a time when life meant surviving until the dawn of the next day, tell a different story that the one the Orcan’s lay claim to.  They speak of the ones before, the Ashamed, the great civilization known as the Icht Dominion.

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Endless Blue – Week 06 – Map of the Known World   24 comments


There is a plethora of intelligence beneath the waves of Elqua, and like any peoples, they group together with their neighbors and form communities.  Communities in the Endless Blue setting are defined by the body of water that holds the society, or “homesea”.  While they may seem to consist of a single species, immigration over the centuries has not left a single one without some level of intermixing.

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Endless Blue – Week 05 – Elqua   2 comments


Deceptively tranquil, the wide blue swaths of Elqua’s oceans belie a complex geographical system beneath the surface of the Endless Blue setting’s water world.

Mollweide projection of Elqua

Mollwiede projection of Elqua

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