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Locanth – Nomadic Craftsmen of the Shoals

Leather with a luster of a thousand fathoms, carvings of such life-like detail it fools the naked eye, netting so fine it must be made of gossamer…  These are the products created by the noble craftsmen that wander the Shoals of Elqua like migrating herds.  To glimpse such perfection is a boon, to own one simply a fevered dream, for treasures like these are by the Locanth, for the Locanth.

Personality: Rich with tradition and history, Locanth are the noble artisans of the Endless Blue.  They believe deeply in the wisdom of their elders, and will rarely let an opportunity to hear tales of adversity overcome or challenges solved from any one venerable enough to have knowledge to pass on.  However, life has taught them that the unknown is to be feared, to be avoided, lest they fall victim to its appetite or wrath.
Physical Description: With eyes widespread to either side of the cranium, dim ovals with a look of half-sleep drooping over them, the Locanth appear more fish than piscean.  Their wide, gaping mouths lacking any form of teeth sit underneath sagging jowls the same umber-like hue as the rest of their scaly bodies.  Long, thin fingers adorn their hands with webbing to the talon-less tips, and long fins sprout from their arms and tail.
Relations: There is little in the way of trade between the Gulf of Locanth and the rest of the Known World.  Their nomadic lifestyle meets most all their needs, so only when times are difficult and the weather has been unkind do the Locanth trade their works of art to outsiders in exchange for rations and tools.  While not actually expansionistic, they do follow the schools of fish their forefathers hunted for millennia and if that migration takes them into the territory of other species, so be it.  The Locanth pay little heed to borders, believing themselves to be the chosen of the Pantheon and by deific right may cross the world as they see fit.
Alignment: Usually neutral, Locanths prefer to retreat from conflict rather than risk facing it head on.  Live and let live is a core mantra to Locanthic life.
Homeseas: The Gulf of Locanth serves as the roaming grounds for these nomadic pisceans.  They form no permanent residences, instead relying on collapsible cocoon-like tents that are spiked to rock or coral to prevent their sleeping bodies from drifting along the currents or rising to the surface as they sleep.
Religion: Pantheon worship dominates the Locanthic religious belief system, expressing in the carrying of carved fetishes.  While any one Locanth can worship more directly to a specific deity, all eight of the Pantheon gods are given reverence.  These small, cylindrical totems are attached to a strong string or chain, and will be found in a pocket or pouch that is easily accessible at all times.
Language: The Locanthic tongue has been likened derogatorily to the yapping of a small animal, with short, clipped syllables that have the same duration regardless of stress.  The language is not as bestial as is attributed, and can be quite beautiful with its rolling r and diagraph consonant pairs.  It is one of the more simpler languages to learn, with a minimum of conjugation and a consistent methodology of noun gender.
Names: Locanth names have origins in the various crafts the race produces.  Just like people with names like Smith and Baker are descended from laborers in those fields, so to have the Locanth.  Further, lineage is noted in naming children, with names of one of the direct ancestors used as a “middle name”.  Not limited to a single middle name, it is common practice for a Locanth child to list back his heritage with multiple middle names following this convention.
Male First Names: Agapillo, Emigdio, Joaquin, Quique
Female First Names: Benigna, Lourdes, Nereida, Techa
Last Names: Baros, Guerrero, Herrera, Molinero
Adventurers: Locanth adventurers are an anomoly.  It is seldom that one overcomes his instinctual fleeing reflex and venture out for fame and glory, but not unheard of.  Locanth are not cowards, but simply prefer the maxim of “the path of least resistance”, meaning whatever methods lead to the least amount of risk.

Racial Traits
Ability Adjustments: +2 Dexterity
Automatic Class Skills: Handle Animal
Skill Bonuses: Their innate ability for tool use gives all Locanth a +2 racial bonus on any Craft (all) or Profession (all) skill checks that they have invested at least one rank in.
Bonus Hit Dice: None.
Natural Armor: Locanths posses a scaly skin that provides them with a +3 natural armor bonus.
Natural Weapons: None.
Movement: Medium creature (1 cube tall), base speed 50 cubes.
Senses: Low Light Vision
Buoyancy: Shoals (adjustable)
Fleet of Fin (Ex): Locanth maintain their Dexterity bonus to AC when swimming at maximum speeds: up to five (5x) times their normal swim speed when carrying a light or nor load, or up to four (4x) times with a medium or heavy load.  Healthy Locanths can push this limit by making a Fortitude save at DC 15 + number of pervious attempts to push themselves to move up to six (6x) times their normal swim speed when carrying a light or nor load, or up to five (5x) times with a medium or heavy load.  They must make this save every round they are pushing the limit, but subsequent successful saves do not increase the multipliers above 6x/5x.  Failing these saves simply means the Locanth moves at 5x/4x for that round, and may try to push themselves again the next round.
Favored Class: Their reclusive nature results in an experience point penalty whenever multi-classing with anything other than NPC classes, and a Locanth may multiclass freely in any of these classes without penalty.
Social Flaw: Isolationist
Base Height: Male: 4′ 6” (+ 2d6 in.).
Female: 4′ 1″ (+ 2d4 in).
Base Weight: Male: 105 lbs. (+ height mod. x 2d46lbs.)
Female 94 lbs. (+ height mod. x 2d4 lbs.)
Automatic Languages: Locanthic
Bonus Languages: Elquan
Level Adjustment: None

Locanth handiwork is undeniably of superior excellence.  Their hunting nets are of the strongest weave, their longspears have the strongest blades, and their leatherworking is exquisite.  Even if a Locanthic artisan fails at crafting a masterwork item, the exceptional quality of his work grants the item a +1 circumstance bonus on any save it must make.  These items usually fetch twice listed value in the black market, and three times or more if the item is also masterwork.

The culture is rich in traditional festivities, paying homage for most every aspect of life on Elqua with some type of celebration.  From somber occasions such as death to the frivolous like a daily intake of sustenance, the Locanth are seriously dedicated to honoring those that did the work, and those that died to provide the benefit.  Most notable is the short nap taken after the noon-day meal.

“Respect the beast whose skin you tan; revere the reef whose coral you carve.
Showing honor will be repaid with beauty and life…”

The Locanthic approach to art.

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