Endless Blue – Week 97.1 – Chelon: Illustrated   Leave a comment


Chelon: Illustrated

The Chelon are a race in decline, in power, influence, and even viability.  If not for their extended life spans, the populace of the Chelon Sea would be dwindling.  Birth rates have  dropped so disturbingly far that any newborn is considered a national event.

Portrayed here are two such young Chelon.  In the prime of their lives, they beat the odds and survived to adulthood.  They have yet to grow stooped and obsessed with memories of the Chelon Empire in its glory days.  Much of Chelon culture dwells in that past, ruing the passage of time and the waning of their empire.  Wallowing for so long in their antiquated dreams may be the method to their own demise.  With each generation dwindling, it is becoming ever more likely a day will come when the Chelon are just a memory in the oceans.


Chelon Male and Chelon Female by Naiche Washburn

You can find Naiche’s tumblr here, festooned with other examples of his work.  And there’s still more coming this month!

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